Replicating G-band loops

:) Here's a video of Joby replicating the first of four loops that are part of the song "Oh, My Darling." He's taken each of the loops in turn and found a way to replicate the sound with real drums. Each with a supremely successful result. This guy is a genius, no joke. It was a very interesting and experimental day, and we also got started tracking drums and bass for "Someone Looking In." "Oh My Darling" took up a lot of time because there was so much drum tracking to be done, but tomorrow we'll be tracking more normal-ish drums. In addition, he's posting a video per day of what we're doing out here on facebook for those of you who have it, and for those of you who don't, I'm going to have him send me the videos anyway because they're great. B t dubs... the vocals you're hearing are a mish-mosh of good and bads, so no judgment yet :)

love you guys!

- i.

p.s. also, the flowers started coming out today!! This one I took a picture of with hayley in mind.


  1. I also came out today...

  2. hahahahaha. It's me, isn't it? You're just madly in love with me and Omar can't compete. I know. It's okay.

  3. This video is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for! Fucking holding it DOWN Jobes! My god, that song is going to be monstrous. Thank you so much for letting us in on the process! Mas Mas Mas!