aaaaand finishing up

So here's Joby and Adrian lookin' sharp. Today Adrian came in and dotted some other tunes with a sprinkling of viola in addition to the four tracks he's shredded on. We're nearly done, and today I decided that Dreary just didn't make the cut, but everything else did. I just wasn't diggin' it no matter what we thought to do, and eleven tracks is great anyway, so I'm stoked. We're going through and mixing everything, adding little teeny details here and there, and overall just making sure that the record itself has a sound, and that all of the songs have a common thread or two so that the compilation feels like they're all part of one family, however different they are from one another.
Ghosts is among my favorite of the tracks, and it's now blessed with the musical talents of Omar Velasco, Jesse Grey Seibenberg, Shazbot McKallop, A Ray and Crusty Nut Busty Ineman. Can't tell you guys how awesome it was to have your voices on the record... AAAAAND Adrian almost peed listening to the "alternate takes." Love you guys.
Starting to face the fact that at some point here this will be over, and I have to face life after the Bakers. We've been howling with laughter almost every night, and I'm realizing that when I go back to SF, I'm going back to the same old empty apartment, which I love, but it's still rather lonely and quiet compared to this wholesome household.
But of course, that's when the uphill climb of trying to make this record sail me somewhere begins. I'm sure that will keep me plenty occupied.

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