Hit Me With Your Best Shot

An assortment of images that really stir my pot...


Cami Paz

Meet me at the white gate

so brilliant!! anyone can do this! summer project maybe??

simply amazing.

Esref Armagan Blind Painter
Uploaded by EmreTR83. - Independent web videos.

Nate Salman - Shapeshifter (ET REMIX)

Here's a remix I did of one of nate's tracks.
Shapeshifter (EasyTiger Remix) by Easy-Tiger

Who knows if it's actually real, but it's still cool. :)

Silent Comedy

Hey remember The Silent Comedy....Tali's little group of SD friends and they came and played at Dunn one time even. SO long ago. But they are still going strong and doing really well for themselves! They are currently on tour and I am going to see them tomorrow in Denver open up for Ryan Bingham. Pretty great stuff right there. Super stoked for these guys. Check them out and check out their website too.....just google The Silent Comedy I guess. I'll probably have some more media from tomorrow that will make its way up here on the blog. Until then, enjoy...

did you read?


I don't know how to put the actual video up here....but seriously just go to the link, you won't be disappointed. You can always count on me to bring Disney to the plate. :)

King Of Africa

Secorally Succulent