Welcome to Lubbock

Clarks: Rugged and Retro


Who's interested in a size 9 pair of brown, leather Clarks "Brattle" boots. Not only will these bad boys enhance your groovy style, but reduce foot fatigue as the Ortholite footbed conforms to the natural shape of your foot and absorbs shock! They also make you fly.

My mom got them for Chuck back in December and he simply thought they were "gay", so she wanted to give them to one of you guys.

Let me know if you like and I will hold onto them for you.

The road to Lubbock


Fidencio 4/16/11

our day off.

This is love.

Sheep Jumping Fences?

God I just crack myself up. Hope you chuckled too.


Embrace light.

Q-Man and I

After 2 months of being apart, Quinn and I finally managed to find the time to see each other again. Upon being reunited, he proceeded to go through all the Hayley-sayings that he'd picked up in our small but oh so rich history together, as if I had forgotten!

But we had quite a glorious day together - riding horsies at the merry-go-round, picking out a toy train for his 3rd birthday at Peanuts and of course visiting, once again, the ashants and daddy gorilla at the zoo!


Best night of tour so far

    Karaoke in Kansas City. Videos to follow!!
 A few moments before getting pulled over and searched by a Nebraska state trooper.




An old sensualist...

For the young sensualists...

Stanley Kunitz, "Touch Me"


The SIlent Comedy coming to Santa Barbara

Hey guys!! So those of you who are in Santa Barbara, The Silent Comedy is playing this weekend at the earth day celebration in Alameda Park and then that night at SOhO. Anyone who is around should definitely go see them it will be a guaranteed good show and good time!!! AND check out my photos from their show in Denver if you haven't already and then maybe you'll be persuaded to go! love these guys. :)



You Got Caricatured!

Little did I know that Lloyd was secretly sketching this...

A little bird said:

True zen is earthy, natural, and nothing special: "Shit and piss, wear your clothes, eat your meals, and in all things be ordinary."

Chanchita y Chanchito