Pastor Evan John

-The time of the rapture is at hand.
-Don't get left behind.
- Evan John can help


Black Hills Official Video

Black Hills by Gardens & Villa from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Her name is Xena

My neighbors cat watches me work.

Here I am, spread out on the floor going through my charts and sewing patches in the enormous quilt that is my story, and I look up and see a pair of golden eyes boring down at me.

Who's Your Doula?

This is a possible idea for a layout of a flyer. I am attending a childbirth benefit event next month and need to have flyers available and ready to hand out. Tell me what you think!

Also, Inés, I'll probably be needing some happenin' business cards soon, so I would love your help and artistic skills to design a simple sketch or painting of a silhouette of a pregnant woman...similar to this I guess, but it would be that much more special if it came from you!




This is what my life looks like right now!!

Hi guys!!! I'm so excited to see you in a week!!

Here's a little glimpse at what my life has been looking like for the last two days. I've finally gotten to sit down and spend a good solid two days on the book again, phew! It's looking awesome. I have 41 adjustments (of different sizes) that need to be made, and then I'll hopefully be looking for a few more readers!

The hummingbird painting was a gift for my upstairs neighbor who looked after my apartment while I was in Canada... took me long enough to thank her, eh? I thought he was real sweet, and he's a template for a little "idea the artist" card I hand out at gigs!

Then there's a nice good look at the chaos that is my apartment currently. You can see the northern lights painting in the background, and all those scrolls and scribbles on the floor are my book edits! Woooooooo! Making progress!!

I wish I could say that the painting of the dog was my creation, but it's not- isn't it beautiful? My friend Emily comes over a couple times a week and she paints in my apartment while I either paint with her or do one of my other various projects. We usually make a nice dinner, bust out some wine, and then start working away, taking breaks and looking at each other's work. It's really such a special friendship for me to have someone who comes and helps me make my art better. She inspires me to no end, I hope you guys meet her sometime.

Also!! Very exciting: we have a new member in the Mark David Ashworth! We now have a trumpet player, and the dude kicks ass- slickest and warmest trumpet tone I've ever heard live, and he's so excited about the tunes. Also, he plays a concert trumpet, so none of that silly modulation translating stuff... way easier for us! We're having our second rehearsal with him this evening, and he's already essentially learned six songs. Very bad ass, and very fun!

Hope you guys are all well, and I'll see you sooooooooooon!!!!!!!


Tom Tom Club

The dance at 4:10 reminds me of something a couple of silly moms would do.


Yourstru.ly Presents: Little Dragon "Little Man" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

What a great week!!!


What a week I had!! First I played a kickass show at the Make Out Room in San Francisco on Friday night with Mark and the dudes, and we had a blast even though the sound guy was one of those classic opinionated douchey douches who just really liked to tell everyone what gear of ours was up to his standards and what was not. Shaun spent a thousand bucks on cymbals a couple months ago, and the dude told Shaun he needed new cymbals. I think I saw a slight twitch and in my minds eye I saw a drumstick go flying into this guys outrageously poofy hair... but it was just my imagination :)

Then last night I played good old hemlock with my favorite sound guy. Oh my goodness- I knew one of the bands, Cowboy and Indian, you guys should really give them a peep- beautiful, beautiful old country music with electric guitars and string arrangements and just heartwarming soulful people who just love so openly. I was swaddled in joy. My set went seamlessly, which was not what I expected was going to happen, and I thought Dusty would be proud to know that his lovechild the electric guitar made its debut in front of a packed room- here's a photo that my friend Michael took. She sounded beautiful!

We pulled off "Oh, My Darling!" as a five piece, and when you guys hear it in a couple weeks I think you'll get why I was a little nervous about it, but it went great! So many awesome people came out and supported me, and I had a blast.

I've started making little promo cards that correspond with the flier of each gig, and I hand them out during the show, slip them places, tape them to walls- they just have a little hand painted something and the words "idea the artist." I leave the back blank to write notes to people etc... Here's a photo of the flier and its corresponding little cards, thought you guys might enjoy them :)

All in all this week was so bitchin, I played music every single day and while my back hurts like hell from carting PAs, pianos and guitars around all week, I feel like I'm really doing what I came here to do! And on top of it all, the new fleet foxes is AWESOME!

Miss you guys, can't wait to see you soon!

- Inésita!

A Love Note

On this special day of Moms, I'd like to express a little sentimentality and declare my sincerest love for all you moms and dads. As the senior citizen (the old fart of the bunch) I have been witness to such a flourishing of talent, of expression, of...well, of fucking radness amongst all of you that my heart can't help but swell up with love and with pride. You guys are all living in such fantastical ways, following mad and beautiful dreams, and beginning to see the fruits of your dedication, and it is so wonderful and inspiring to see this unfold. For me, it is nothing less than confirmation of a philosophy I've often doubted but always lived by: that one should live to follow one's bliss. That shit is HARD. But it's so good, and the world needs that...people with heart and courage like all ya'lls, and I respect you tremendously for it.




For Ines

Ines, she's from Oakland. You should go kick it with her!

Squirrelly Morning. Bird Feeders Part 2

And after all that, guess who finally came around to eat what was on the bird feeders?

I wish I could describe to you the precariousness of the positions this squirrel was putting himself in to finally acquire the feeders, He was dangling off of branches that I've only seen little finches hold onto while they're gathering nest materials... Seer dudes, not even hummingbirds land on these branches because they go straight down. I thought I was single handedly going to be responsible for the ugly demise of the resident squirrel, but boy was I wrong.

Introducing Beauregard, The Incredible Acrobatic Squirrel!! (There are still more feeders, so I'm still trying to get pictures of him going for it, stay tuned!)


the northern lights are on...

When you go, will I know? Will you advertise it, or like snow, will you melt in the middle of the night? Oh, the daylight is the hardest night because the days like to go... And when I die, will you find me in a thousand songs? Or will we find our words fly without the use of arms in the twilight? And the morning is night, and the Northern Lights are on...