meat and bones done, onto spices!

Hiiiiii!!! So we're now done with basic tracking, I'm going to redo a couple vocal parts and then its onto harmonies and fun little decoratives to which Adrian will add strings on Wednesday. It's going to start getting really silly from here, and we're getting ready to arrange a stomp-clap fest for 'Willow in the Yard' and 'Monte Cristo.' Tonight we got home and Theresa had made up split pea soup and merengue- then we all cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket and watched Harry Potter 4 while Luke the dog slept on our feet. We're having an H-Pot marathon.

Here are some videos from today and yesterday. 'Sing of the Dead,' Some of Joby learning Shane's bass part from 'Dreary Machinery,' and the fucked awesome bass part Joby wrote today for 'Oh, My Darling.' Dreary in this video has a piano track, but we're actually doing it on rhodes.


  1. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yes! This is seriously going to be the best album of the decade. It's funny, Oh my darling didn't do anything for me in it's demo form but now two snippets in to hearing its progress I love it! Joby's drumming and bass playing sounds soo tasty my lord. My heart tingles at the sight of him learning my bass parts to dreary. Thanks inskeence! Thanks for putting these up and send my best to Theresa!

  2. Holy shit. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck a duck. That is all I want to say as well after hearing that stank. So rad to hear Joby playing your bass line Shane.