Take Over the Dance Floor!

To the Mommas and Pappas out there -

Come out and watch your son dance up a swat storm downtown Santa Barbara at the Lobero Theater, April 15th and 16th.

Click here for more information about the show such as time, tickets, etc.

So, if you're around, it would be lovely to see all your faces as it shall be a hip hollerin' hoot of a time.

Local children singing backup vocals for Inesita

:) for you

So I woke up this morning, and I started my day by listening to my new record from start to finish. :) Not only is it everything I ever dreamed it would be- it's so much more. The experience as well as the result has completely surpassed my expectations of how wonderful it would be, and I can finally see the colors of every hardship I've had, and every scrap of love and joy you wonderful people have given me, splayed out across the notes of eleven songs.

I feel compelled to thank you ALL for the support and belief that you've offered me, which has carried me to this incredible, marvelous, spectacular day! And while it's almost impossible to single anyone out because you've all given me SO MUCH support, I feel I must especially pay homage to those of you who spent so much of your own talents teaching me, and convincing me to play despite all the fear I felt... ( Omar, Jude, Doost, Blue...) This one's for you :)

- inés and her long awaited redemption.


aaaaand finishing up

So here's Joby and Adrian lookin' sharp. Today Adrian came in and dotted some other tunes with a sprinkling of viola in addition to the four tracks he's shredded on. We're nearly done, and today I decided that Dreary just didn't make the cut, but everything else did. I just wasn't diggin' it no matter what we thought to do, and eleven tracks is great anyway, so I'm stoked. We're going through and mixing everything, adding little teeny details here and there, and overall just making sure that the record itself has a sound, and that all of the songs have a common thread or two so that the compilation feels like they're all part of one family, however different they are from one another.
Ghosts is among my favorite of the tracks, and it's now blessed with the musical talents of Omar Velasco, Jesse Grey Seibenberg, Shazbot McKallop, A Ray and Crusty Nut Busty Ineman. Can't tell you guys how awesome it was to have your voices on the record... AAAAAND Adrian almost peed listening to the "alternate takes." Love you guys.
Starting to face the fact that at some point here this will be over, and I have to face life after the Bakers. We've been howling with laughter almost every night, and I'm realizing that when I go back to SF, I'm going back to the same old empty apartment, which I love, but it's still rather lonely and quiet compared to this wholesome household.
But of course, that's when the uphill climb of trying to make this record sail me somewhere begins. I'm sure that will keep me plenty occupied.


Booty Grazin'

today I got an Email informing me that this person has subscribed to my youtube channel : )

Fuck'n Shit..... Sorry

Holy Shit!!!!!


Just Watch!

Happy Birthday MOM!

Our First Birthday Mom!

Ines you are the most talented Mom around. We all couldn't be more excited for you and your art. Tell Joby we thank him for making your dreams come true(literally), and making some ears back home so very very excited and grateful! Happy Birthday from all of us Dads and Moms!

back up vocals nearly finished!

:) So we're almost done with the back up vocals now, which is what today consisted of mostly This meant tackling Sheep, Someone Looking In, Willow in the Yard, Monte Cristo, Understand Me and Sing of the Dead. Tomorrow we just have to do Ghosts, Oh My Darling and then a tid bit more on Dreary. We literally just finished working twenty minutes ago. Today we took a family walk on the property in the morning because it was bright and sunny, and at lunchtime Joby had a photo shoot with a group he plays with, and they fed us meat, cheese and bread. It was, in a word, stellar, and I got to see the oldest cherry blossom tree in Victoria. Tomorrow Joby, Theresa, Felicity and Melody are making me breakfast and Adrian might be coming over if he can get himself out of bed, then Joby and I will work, and then we're all having a birthday dinner together :) Adrian came over tonight, and here's some footage of us taking advantage of his presence to get Joby doing some weird shit. Super bad ass.

Seriously fucking love you guys. It's not even funny.

Sentimental much? You said it.

- i

Sample Heaven! Beautiful, unknown Africa music. Do it!



meat and bones done, onto spices!

Hiiiiii!!! So we're now done with basic tracking, I'm going to redo a couple vocal parts and then its onto harmonies and fun little decoratives to which Adrian will add strings on Wednesday. It's going to start getting really silly from here, and we're getting ready to arrange a stomp-clap fest for 'Willow in the Yard' and 'Monte Cristo.' Tonight we got home and Theresa had made up split pea soup and merengue- then we all cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket and watched Harry Potter 4 while Luke the dog slept on our feet. We're having an H-Pot marathon.

Here are some videos from today and yesterday. 'Sing of the Dead,' Some of Joby learning Shane's bass part from 'Dreary Machinery,' and the fucked awesome bass part Joby wrote today for 'Oh, My Darling.' Dreary in this video has a piano track, but we're actually doing it on rhodes.


Gopal in 25 years

Bob Fosse - Dad?

These moves look familiar?

MJ must have watched this film, "The Little Prince", as a young 16-year-old and soiled himself silly from pure inspiration.

A day in the life


Questionabley Sexy


Grandmother and Grandoughter

Tapes n' Tapes micro tour

photo: Dave Mount

photo: Dave Mount

photo: Dave Mount

photo: Dave Mount

photo: Dave Mount

photo: Dave Mount


tiny little red piano

Okay guys, nearly done tracking the bass and drums... we have three more tracks to do bass and drums on and then it's onto back up vocals, strings and electric guitar. That's when the real fun happens. Oh hell yes. :) Thought you guys would enjoy this video. Monte Cristo doesn't have the clapping on it yet, but all the other percussion is there.

Missing you all- the moon is full in the sky and I got some great pictures of it! Gorgeous!

that's all there is - is light on surface

"I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs...I have no preconceptions."
-- garry winogrand

Replicating G-band loops

:) Here's a video of Joby replicating the first of four loops that are part of the song "Oh, My Darling." He's taken each of the loops in turn and found a way to replicate the sound with real drums. Each with a supremely successful result. This guy is a genius, no joke. It was a very interesting and experimental day, and we also got started tracking drums and bass for "Someone Looking In." "Oh My Darling" took up a lot of time because there was so much drum tracking to be done, but tomorrow we'll be tracking more normal-ish drums. In addition, he's posting a video per day of what we're doing out here on facebook for those of you who have it, and for those of you who don't, I'm going to have him send me the videos anyway because they're great. B t dubs... the vocals you're hearing are a mish-mosh of good and bads, so no judgment yet :)

love you guys!

- i.

p.s. also, the flowers started coming out today!! This one I took a picture of with hayley in mind.


Poss Gardens T-shirt!

                                                  What do you guys think???

Dos Pueblos in color

For Ines.

Can't wait to hear the record

Heart Warming

Foals - Blue Blood from Blink on Vimeo.

Psychedelic Sunday.


Picking up the Pace

$1595/month for 2 bedrooms, where do I sign? I mean, this place couldn't be more precious...

Day two amigos, we have tracked the piano and guitar for twelve songs, and we have the main vocals done for ten of those. We are powering through this shit, and it's SO GOD DAMN AWESOME. I'm shitting myself with glee.

And in the evening, Joby makes berry crumble, and I cuddle up with the girls and watch Harry Potter movies.

Honestly, does it get any better than that?


I Know You Better


Wow oh wow oh wow.

There are no words to express what I'm feeling right now. Life is so fucking great, and for the first time, I really feel like I'm taking my dreams by the horns and steering them with determination in the right direction. I'm realizing as I stare out the five picture windows in the gorgeous room I'm staying in, that from this point forward my life will never be the same again.
To my left are thick woods with tall pines, and beyond are the tiny lights of downtown Victoria. In the morning I wake up with the sun rise and pull out a sketchbook to doodle and get my gears rolling. I hear Theresa take Melody off to school, and eventually I wander out to the kitchen, where Joby makes me a Cafe Americana or two before I start warming up. By eleven, we've done enough laying around and drinking coffee, and we set in on our work.

Yesterday we worked from about 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. (With a lunch break and some tea breaks of course. :) ) We tracked the piano and vocals for five songs, one of which was Sheep Jumping Fences - that is to say that I've finished the hard part with the song that I feared would be the biggest challenge- now it's all the fun parts.

I played my first fender rhodes yesterday and it was so awesome. Had to hit it like a man, because I have soft piano hands, but considering, I did alright. Today we have one more piano track to cover, and then we move on to the guitar songs. I can't believe how quickly we've been working, and Joby is so wonderful and stoked on the project. He can't wait to get on a drum set for these tunes, and I can't wait either.

Here are some photos of the drive, and Melody's hand made tree house, which I felt was astonishing. She reminds me of me when I was little, and I have such an affinity for Joby's beautiful daughters. Felicity is such a great person, and she's so polite and willing to help. This family is so communicative and beautiful, and I'm just so impressed with the life they lead up here. Theresa thanked me profusely for the check I owed her when I showed up, and I just kept thinking, "you're thanking me for paying you what you have earned as if it were so generous of me to pay you for what I agreed to pay you for..."

God I love these people.

Thinking of you all, and keeping you updated. Joby filmed me recording "Sheep Jumping Fences," and I recorded myself tracking "I Know You Better." Neither of the videos are of the take we actually used, but they're still fun because you can see where I'm sitting with the grand piano- which is, by the way, a C Series Yamaha, none other than my absolute DREAM piano. I nearly pissed on the floor when I saw it. It's sitting in a great picture window in their living room, next to a fireplace, looking out over the forest. Gorgeous. And in the morning I hear geese and hummingbirds. The hummingbirds run rampant here.

Okay, all my love to you crazy cats. I'll write more soon!

ineskeensvelvhat trainer of dolphin.


G In My V

I dedicate this to you, Chris Lynch. Never forget.