Februuuuuary Moms and Dads!

Hello Moms and Dads! Another month gone, so I figure it's about time to drop some photos and update you all on the happenings of my insignificant life. Hehe.

I'm playing tons of music up here with the folk band, and I also joined a rock group now that I co front playing piano and singing called the lawlands, and that's fun- I haven't had much time for it yet, but I'm hoping post record that I'll be able to make it a bigger priority. We did a silly photo shoot in which I look funny in every photo because I'm so awkward in front of cameras. What can you do? What would Jesus do? No one will ever know.

Apart from that I'm just getting ready to drive up to Canadialand and envelope myself in my favorite form of expression. Yay! I can't wait. Joby and I have decided to document the shit out of the record because he wants to make himself a spiffy site featuring the artists he works with, and I feel super blessed to be among the first- possibly the first because I don't think he's started it yet. I'm also going to create a personal blog and I'll post the link up here.

Here are some pics of what I've been up to... the first is my most recent game night... Those are some of my good pals/bandmates and we have a game night club, which is really dorky, but pretty much the coolest thing I participate in, haha. I'm actually the organizer, wouldn'tcha know it? But now the others have started offering to host it at their house because it's getting too big for my apartment... That was a very intense moment in jenga, and the person up to bat is named... GET THIS... Ben Kilmer. And yes my friends, he is related to Val!!!

The second is a painting I've been working on... it's actually further along than it is in this photo by a lot, but I added a curtain that I hate, so I think this photo is better. It was going to be a gift for Joby but since I ruined it I think I'm going to paint him something else. I've learned how to stretch canvas on a frame and prime it myself. Look out world! So now I can do really big paintings all the time, which makes my little heart happy.

The third is our most beloved Hay Bales doing the tango on my living room couch. It's my personal fave, and I've had it blown up to giant size and hung over the windows in my house. Creepy, yes. Awesome, even more so. Isn't she adorable with a thorny rose cutting up her gums? hahaha I love you Hayley. Obsessed. Seer. Like breast milk ice cream obsessed.

And finally the last picture is the Mark David Ashworth playing this past tuesday at Hotel Utah Saloon. It was a great show even though the sound guy is a total chump-stew, and we're playing again tonight at an art gallery in the city. Woot!

Love you and miss you all dearly, and plan to have your spirit carried with me into the North lands.

The Northern Lights Are On, my friends.

All my love,

ineskeensvelvhat trainer of dolphin.

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