back up vocals nearly finished!

:) So we're almost done with the back up vocals now, which is what today consisted of mostly This meant tackling Sheep, Someone Looking In, Willow in the Yard, Monte Cristo, Understand Me and Sing of the Dead. Tomorrow we just have to do Ghosts, Oh My Darling and then a tid bit more on Dreary. We literally just finished working twenty minutes ago. Today we took a family walk on the property in the morning because it was bright and sunny, and at lunchtime Joby had a photo shoot with a group he plays with, and they fed us meat, cheese and bread. It was, in a word, stellar, and I got to see the oldest cherry blossom tree in Victoria. Tomorrow Joby, Theresa, Felicity and Melody are making me breakfast and Adrian might be coming over if he can get himself out of bed, then Joby and I will work, and then we're all having a birthday dinner together :) Adrian came over tonight, and here's some footage of us taking advantage of his presence to get Joby doing some weird shit. Super bad ass.

Seriously fucking love you guys. It's not even funny.

Sentimental much? You said it.

- i

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