I played cello for this track!

Blue Cover by Bijan Sharifi Audio

Hey guys! So this is my first attempt at recording cello for someone, and I think i did fairly well. :) Give it a listen. There's viola too, played by my friend anthony, and upright bass from doug. The song is by my friend Bijan Sharifi.




This is a fun session we did in South Brooklyn at some slick apartment. Get sexy wid it.

The Wild Honey Pie Presents: Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom from The Wild Honey Pie on Vimeo.



Two earthquakeS!!

Two earthquakes yesterday in the bay!! It was thrilling.

Interestingly enough, I was feeling as if I'd had my own personal earthquakes- as if the universe or whatever powers might be were finally allowing the tectonic plates surrounding my soul's growth to crack and let the flood of real visible growth shoot forward. IE... I had a "coming out of my shell" kind of day.

I was also in the middle of painting the moon painting above, the very first, dah-dada-dah! real attempt at a chapter-specific illustration for my story!! This chapter happens to feature a quake so massive that it sends a tsunami pouring out over the earth, replenishing it and causing life to begin anew- Sound familiar? Yep, it's made many appearances throughout history, though called by many different names, the most popular and well known of which is probably its depiction in that good old book we call the Bible, The Great Flood.

And then two earthquakes hit! Eery? Yes!

Don't worry, I have a backpack with a can of black beans, a change of clothes and a water bottle in the hallway just in case it comes to it.

The other painting I also felt was a breakthrough for me, it's called "My Date with the Fish." You can't really see all its textural detail here, but the colors are nice. Neither of these are finished, especially the illustration, but i'm taking a break from them and trying something new today.

AAAaaaaaaaaaaand Omz's video was the shit. Maybe THAT'S what caused the earthquake??


new vidbots

filmed by h.bales and bri-cheesy on the ol' iphone. suck it!


Northern lights mastered/new painting

Aaaaaaaa! I just feel so inspired!!! And i LOVE it when I feel this way!!! Here's a new painting in two versions... when I first laid down the paint i thought of leaving it black and calling it "Body heat," because i loved the way it glowed, but my new goal with art for the next few months is once I think it looks nice, I have to push myself to add more, make more of it. "Be bold." I want my art to make statements, not just look nice, so here's an attempt.

It's not completely finished, since I think I'm gonna push it further... I want to put words running all along the giant scroll she's holding up, and emphasize the continent on the tear and the value of the ribs... Hope you guys enjoy it.

Also, writing to say that "The Northern Lights Are On..." was mastered last niiiiiigggghhhtt!!!! In two weeks Stephanie is coming up to finish the artwork with me, and I'm shooting for a January CD release here in San Francisco, (and then of course I'll come on down to SB, I just have to!)

Life is awesome.



Sorry it won't let me embed...worth it though (specially all you fine young drummers that want to learn the art of the hi hat)



New wind in my sails

Something about that first nostalgic whiff of Autumn just sets me off. I go crazy wanting to shed the pieces of me that I don't like anymore, and to create things that are new- to surprise myself- to change! To evolve. This coming year is evolution. I am pushing. I want to evolve all around artistically. I want to listen more, think more, sing more, talk less, read more, play more, paint more, write more, be more... And yet, in all of this, remember to love who I am, and where I am at on my path, for it will only ever reveal itself to me this one time, and once is enough.

It is not the perfect, premeditated line that pulls the heart, but instead the emotional thrust of a brush, the mournful descent of a drip, the splatter, the smear. These marks are born of movement, they speak of gesture, they are heavy with the truth of our emotions... Be bold!


"Can You Imagine!?"...

You guys better believe that I'm signing up for this!


Ottawa woman to give birth live on the Internet

Andy Johnson, CTVNews.ca
Updated: Thu. Sep. 29 2011 8:24 AM ET

An Ottawa-area woman is about to share the most personal of experiences with the world, by publicly broadcasting the birth of her child live to anyone who registers on her website and tunes in to watch.

Nancy Salgueiro, a chiropractor and trained childbirth educator, is due to give birth to her third child next week. It will be her third home birth.

"I really feel it's important for young women to see what normal, natural birth, undisturbed by anything, can be like," she told CTV Ottawa.

The 32-year-old from Barrhaven, Ont. has posted video of the births of her two previous children on her website, but this is the first time the experience will go live as it happens.

Salgueiro is due on Oct. 7.

"It's a little different when it's live. You can check in and see how things are progressing," she said.

Salgueiro and her husband Mike Carreira are advocates of natural childbirth. Their shared goal, they said, is to offer an honest account of the joy, as well as pain, that can come with giving birth in a natural way.

On her website, yourbirthcoach.com, Salgueiro said childbirth has become an ultra-private, almost secretive experience in North American culture that many women fear because they lack first-person experience.

"I do believe birth has been stolen from women," Salgueiro said in a video on her website.

"It is such a wonderful, amazing experience and the power that we have in our bodies and in our ability to birth babies and become mothers is incredible, but it's been taken away because we've given that power to someone else and we need to take it back."

Salgueiro's husband agrees. However, even though Carreira believes the message is important, he said he isn't entirely comfortable with broadcasting the experience live over the Internet.

"I'm more private. She's outgoing, she'd have a mariachi band in here if she could," he said.

Carreira added: "It's a big step, but I think the greater good is that young women are learning and seeing what natural childbirth can be like."

Salgueiro's two-year-old son Taivus will cut the umbilical cord, now a family tradition after her four-year-old cut his.

She promised the footage of her birth will be tasteful, and not graphic.

"It's not legs wide open and women screaming...my birth with him, if you watch the labour online, I was completely silent."

Check out more from the article here



Photo by: Hayley
Doctored by: Dusty

Photo by: Dusty
Doctored by: Hayley