Gir, The Jazz Trio on the water at dusk (not finished obviously) and Persimmon waking up with a book under her arm and lupin in her hair...


Catarina Elixabete Bea

My new niece, Catarina Elixabete Bea. :)

I don't even like babies, but I fell madly in love. She slept on my heart like that for about an hour, and it was quite possibly the sweetest moment of my life. She has a full head of dark, dark brown hair, and when she's awake she's alert and attentive, smiley. She's tranquil, doesn't cry much, and well... she's tiny.


Death, It Endeth Now

Death, It Endeth Now


Featuring a pumpkin as percussive instrument, oh yay! Check it out friends, I'm really happy with this one.