:) for you

So I woke up this morning, and I started my day by listening to my new record from start to finish. :) Not only is it everything I ever dreamed it would be- it's so much more. The experience as well as the result has completely surpassed my expectations of how wonderful it would be, and I can finally see the colors of every hardship I've had, and every scrap of love and joy you wonderful people have given me, splayed out across the notes of eleven songs.

I feel compelled to thank you ALL for the support and belief that you've offered me, which has carried me to this incredible, marvelous, spectacular day! And while it's almost impossible to single anyone out because you've all given me SO MUCH support, I feel I must especially pay homage to those of you who spent so much of your own talents teaching me, and convincing me to play despite all the fear I felt... ( Omar, Jude, Doost, Blue...) This one's for you :)

- inés and her long awaited redemption.

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