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Here's some sketches. I've been into doing portraits of my friends lately, so LOOK OUT! You might be next. Hayley is always my victim in such circumstances, so it's time for all you other folks to pick up some of the slack. This is Shaun Lowecki, the drummer I play with in SF, and Kelly Griffin, my awesome gal pal.

Also, the very colorful piece is a collaboration I did with another bay area artist and good friend, Greg Szilyagi. He does a lot of architectural art, so it was a really unique collaboration. He works in marker, so I made us a big canvas, we picked colors out of his markers, and then I mixed paint of each color to match. I think it's probably pretty obvious who did what, but see if you can find the seahorse Greg hid in there for me. Hint... he's approaching the stairs.

Also, I just plain thought this picture of the dinosaur book was hilarious.

Spain is incredible, and someday I would like to come back for an extended stay, but I'm pretty ready to go home now- not in the least because I think I've broken a house rule every day I've been here. No slouching at the table, close all doors when not in the room, always wear shoes on the bottom floor, No computers or electronic devices at lunch or dinner, never leave belongings out, keep your room clean, Certain books may not be read outside of the Despacho, salad dressing doesn't go in the fridge... And I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to be on the first floor in your pajamas, but so far Louise has held her tongue on that front. So glad she is Renée's mother-in-law and not mine. Holy cow. That's not to say she's not nice, but sheesh.

The last few days have been SO RAINY, but I've managed to go on quite a few adventures. We went to the aquarium, where there were real seahorses, miniature ships and disorienting underwater tunnels. We had a 1920's themed party at the house which was a blast, and I got super sauced, and then I went to a Jackson Browne concert for free on the beach- AWESOME. Then went out clubbing til 5 a.m., and then the next day I went up a mountain on a trolley to an amusement park that sits above san sebastian. There was a funhouse, roller coaster, bumper boats, little game stands and a lighthouse with old pictures of san sebastian in the early 1900's. Cool!

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