Whoa Life is Crazy! Slash New Song!

I Just Love You by idea the artist
Bon Iver got me goin' all 80's. I promise it's not too Phil Collins, but check it oooot!

Spain pictures coming soon! I'm taking water colors with me- should be interesting.

So wow.

Until a few days ago, life just hadn't felt real for a while, and now it's so suddenly real that it feels like a dream. Funny how it goes like that, eh?
I'm getting ready to go tomorrow morning to Spain where I'll be hanging out with MariSol for two weeks in a mansion by the beach!
I come back on the 30th, and then leave for a ten day southern california tour with the folk band Mark David Ashworth, soon to be rechristened Muralismo,
during which I'll have the pleasure of staying at gopal, hayley and omar's house, which I hear is just plain the best place ever.
Then there's talk of a potential road trip when I get back from tour. The next month of my life is totally up in the air, and I'm so f***en excited about it!!
hell yes, life is good. New Bon Iver is great, new fleet foxes is awesome, oh and then there's this great up and coming group called gardens & villa, you guys should check them out! hah!

Here's to you guys! See you soon!

- Inés

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  1. did i mention omar is touring with us? I didn't. God life is awesome.