Inés is in Spain!

After traveling for twenty four hours straight, I am now in San Sebastian, Spain!! And I'm completely in love with this country already! The people have been so friendly, the air is warm and humid, the food is great, and like Guatemala, the days fluctuate every hour between clouds and rain and bright sun. I feel so completely at home that I'm quite sure I'll be coming back very soon!

This house is INCREDIBLE! It was built in the late 1800s/ early 1900s, and it comes complete with grand piano, intricately carved wooden staircases, suits of armor on display, a dumb waiter, century-old portraits, the musty smell of age, and gorgeously warped stained glass windows- so warped they look as though they're threatening to melt down onto the grand staircase beneath them.

The house is a maze. It has four stories, one underground, and each level is the size of a house. Below are the old servants quarters, and the real kitchen, now all used as storage. A dumbwaiter connects all four levels, as well as a back staircase (the blue one), and a grand master staircase connects the two main levels. You can see it here, lined with portraits of the old masters and adorned with stained glass windows to light each step. It is absolutely gorgeous. The garden has statues and exotic flowers, and if you lean out the window and look to the right, there is a beach a hundred feet away across the road.

The town is located in a tiny cove at the northeastern corner of Spain, kissing the border of France. We're going to take a day trip into France. :)

It's Guatemala, but cleaner and more civilized. I love it. love it. LOVE IT!

More photos to come! :)

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