projectile pro and real no-shit castles

Still having a blast! So yesterday Seb, Renee, MariSol and I drove into France. Both MariSol and I got carsick, but MariSol took it to the next level with professional projectile vomiting. My uggs will never be the same. Seb, Renee and I were laughing so hard that I thought the smell of urine might get added to the smell of puke in the rental car. (Which was so formidable we couldn't get back in the car for several hours.When we got out of the car, Renee used an extra t shirt of her own to put on MariSol, and we used a purple scarf to hold the whole thing up- there's a photo of it here which still sends me into cahoots of laughter, and in fact, the portion of Renee you can see betrays the fact that she was doubled over with laughter. And the look on Solie's face is priceless. Pissed. (photo right above the sheep photo)

Today we went to an old stronghold (a real no shit castle) here in Spain, where the town is still standing all around it, and we had lunch and walked around the preserved ruins. It was gorgeous. Here are some photos of the little town.

Overall, going splendidly! And tonight, Renee and Seb want to take me out for a night on the town.

P.s. all we eat here is bread, cheese and ham. Seriously not good for the soul. When I get back to the states I'm eating salad for a month. Just straight arugula to the dome. Hard.

p.s.s. see the sheep jumping fences? hahaha. France is a landscape of the greenest, most lush hillsides, dotted with what look like pure fluffy clouds with black faces and feet. The sheep are adorable. The roads, not so. They're really nice, but winding, and I've discovered that I can get carsick- something I never really thought I was prone to before.

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