This is what my life looks like right now!!

Hi guys!!! I'm so excited to see you in a week!!

Here's a little glimpse at what my life has been looking like for the last two days. I've finally gotten to sit down and spend a good solid two days on the book again, phew! It's looking awesome. I have 41 adjustments (of different sizes) that need to be made, and then I'll hopefully be looking for a few more readers!

The hummingbird painting was a gift for my upstairs neighbor who looked after my apartment while I was in Canada... took me long enough to thank her, eh? I thought he was real sweet, and he's a template for a little "idea the artist" card I hand out at gigs!

Then there's a nice good look at the chaos that is my apartment currently. You can see the northern lights painting in the background, and all those scrolls and scribbles on the floor are my book edits! Woooooooo! Making progress!!

I wish I could say that the painting of the dog was my creation, but it's not- isn't it beautiful? My friend Emily comes over a couple times a week and she paints in my apartment while I either paint with her or do one of my other various projects. We usually make a nice dinner, bust out some wine, and then start working away, taking breaks and looking at each other's work. It's really such a special friendship for me to have someone who comes and helps me make my art better. She inspires me to no end, I hope you guys meet her sometime.

Also!! Very exciting: we have a new member in the Mark David Ashworth! We now have a trumpet player, and the dude kicks ass- slickest and warmest trumpet tone I've ever heard live, and he's so excited about the tunes. Also, he plays a concert trumpet, so none of that silly modulation translating stuff... way easier for us! We're having our second rehearsal with him this evening, and he's already essentially learned six songs. Very bad ass, and very fun!

Hope you guys are all well, and I'll see you sooooooooooon!!!!!!!

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