A Love Note

On this special day of Moms, I'd like to express a little sentimentality and declare my sincerest love for all you moms and dads. As the senior citizen (the old fart of the bunch) I have been witness to such a flourishing of talent, of expression, of...well, of fucking radness amongst all of you that my heart can't help but swell up with love and with pride. You guys are all living in such fantastical ways, following mad and beautiful dreams, and beginning to see the fruits of your dedication, and it is so wonderful and inspiring to see this unfold. For me, it is nothing less than confirmation of a philosophy I've often doubted but always lived by: that one should live to follow one's bliss. That shit is HARD. But it's so good, and the world needs that...people with heart and courage like all ya'lls, and I respect you tremendously for it.




  1. O Marvelous, you are marvelous!!! Happy Moms and Dads Day!