Home Sweet Home

This is my first full day off from getting back from tour and to "relax" I have managed to stuff every thing I can possibly think of doing into one day. It started off waking up at noon to a quiet house in Los Olivos. I proceeded to serve my self a fat bowl of raisin bran and special k and veg out on the couch for an hour so. After I took care of some emails (gardens is just finalizing getting a booking agent for Europe! woot woot!) I decided to go outside and check out my dad's garden. Somehow out of all the things that my dad says no to, this year he agreed to start a garden with me. A few months back, Mason Dad and I went out to the scrap pile at Firestone vineyard and found some sizable leftover pieces of wood that would outline the perfect sized garden. I found some free piles of soil that Chris Lynch's dad didn't want, and boom we had a garden! I was gone during tour for the planting of the veggies but as you can see, they are doing quite strong. We have some bell peppers, lettuce, strawberries(which frickin blue jays love around here), cabbage, kale, tomatoes and carrots and onions. It's been a really positive thing to do with my dad and I recommend starting a garden with your parent or yourself. It is a very enriching hobby and obv, grubbin on veggies is a must. I then rode my bike to the cemetery to say hello to my brother, grandmother, and grandfather. The weather in the valley has been perfect. I had dinner with Jordan and his parents last night and I spoke of how the valley in the late spring early summer is the most relaxing beautiful place on earth. Hearing the sound of sprinklers gently watering the lawn, birds chirping in the distance, kids riding backs through town. It makes it hard to move to SB for a few months before the next tour.

Tour was a very interesting experience. I felt every emotion under the sun. I felt bipolar. I met amazing people. I avoided alot of people in the van. I dozed off during 8 hour drives. Wrote songs on dustys laptop with my fingers on the home keys. I got everyones sickness. I loved every show we played. I hated every band member at least once. I felt the most intense loneliness ever. I felt the most excitement ever. I got shitfaced in Kansas. Got offered pure MDMA by a man named Jellybean. I got to smoke a joint with my 73 year old stepdad for the first time. I got to kiss my mother in Denver. I got to hug my precious dogs. I met the fire in the eyes of every band we played with. I met the fire of transvestites. I felt like I had been gone forever, I felt like nothing has changed. I sat and hoped that it would be easier in the future, and there is tell that it will. We got caught by fires on the highway in Texas. I met some of the most inspiring artists in San Francisco and Boise Idaho. I met a kid in Boise with the moniker Youth Lagoon that made me cry with his music and insisted that we take $60 for gas money that God told him he was supposed to offer. I met tired road worn musicians on their last leg. I met all of the people that wouldn't consider anything else. I dove in. I'm starting to get my sea legs. This was only a 26 day tour.

Listening to the new Fleet Foxes record streamed from NPR. It's official date is tomorrow. It's fucking amazing. This is the band of our generation. Osama Bin Laden is dead, and all I can think about is how excited I am to hear Ines' fucking record.

Peace. and Love to the Mamas and Papas.


  1. Great Post, and glad to hear about everathang under the sun, son.
    Be seeing you soon.

  2. :) Can't tell you how wonderful it was to read this. Miss you.

    - i.

  3. Hear hear! Well done.
    It sure does feel good to know you, Shaney.