Two earthquakeS!!

Two earthquakes yesterday in the bay!! It was thrilling.

Interestingly enough, I was feeling as if I'd had my own personal earthquakes- as if the universe or whatever powers might be were finally allowing the tectonic plates surrounding my soul's growth to crack and let the flood of real visible growth shoot forward. IE... I had a "coming out of my shell" kind of day.

I was also in the middle of painting the moon painting above, the very first, dah-dada-dah! real attempt at a chapter-specific illustration for my story!! This chapter happens to feature a quake so massive that it sends a tsunami pouring out over the earth, replenishing it and causing life to begin anew- Sound familiar? Yep, it's made many appearances throughout history, though called by many different names, the most popular and well known of which is probably its depiction in that good old book we call the Bible, The Great Flood.

And then two earthquakes hit! Eery? Yes!

Don't worry, I have a backpack with a can of black beans, a change of clothes and a water bottle in the hallway just in case it comes to it.

The other painting I also felt was a breakthrough for me, it's called "My Date with the Fish." You can't really see all its textural detail here, but the colors are nice. Neither of these are finished, especially the illustration, but i'm taking a break from them and trying something new today.

AAAaaaaaaaaaaand Omz's video was the shit. Maybe THAT'S what caused the earthquake??


  1. That fish! Beautiful.

  2. Wow! Incredible paintings. Especially the fish.