New wind in my sails

Something about that first nostalgic whiff of Autumn just sets me off. I go crazy wanting to shed the pieces of me that I don't like anymore, and to create things that are new- to surprise myself- to change! To evolve. This coming year is evolution. I am pushing. I want to evolve all around artistically. I want to listen more, think more, sing more, talk less, read more, play more, paint more, write more, be more... And yet, in all of this, remember to love who I am, and where I am at on my path, for it will only ever reveal itself to me this one time, and once is enough.

It is not the perfect, premeditated line that pulls the heart, but instead the emotional thrust of a brush, the mournful descent of a drip, the splatter, the smear. These marks are born of movement, they speak of gesture, they are heavy with the truth of our emotions... Be bold!

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