Northern lights mastered/new painting

Aaaaaaaa! I just feel so inspired!!! And i LOVE it when I feel this way!!! Here's a new painting in two versions... when I first laid down the paint i thought of leaving it black and calling it "Body heat," because i loved the way it glowed, but my new goal with art for the next few months is once I think it looks nice, I have to push myself to add more, make more of it. "Be bold." I want my art to make statements, not just look nice, so here's an attempt.

It's not completely finished, since I think I'm gonna push it further... I want to put words running all along the giant scroll she's holding up, and emphasize the continent on the tear and the value of the ribs... Hope you guys enjoy it.

Also, writing to say that "The Northern Lights Are On..." was mastered last niiiiiigggghhhtt!!!! In two weeks Stephanie is coming up to finish the artwork with me, and I'm shooting for a January CD release here in San Francisco, (and then of course I'll come on down to SB, I just have to!)

Life is awesome.

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