Just to explain... the photo of the cone beneath the back of the van should be captioned: "When Inés drives to the campsite at night without glasses."

Also, Loomis and the Lust signed their dirty name on the wall of a great venue we played in San Diego.

Now we're relaxing in B-Town, being fed, drinking cold beverages of the alcoholic variety, and preparing for our last couple of shows. We have three more: A guerilla show, a songwriter showcase and then our last show with Omar. It's been so special and wonderful to get to hang with Omarvelous so much, and I'm sad this tour is almost over, but there's already talk in the air of another one in the spring heading north with Mr. Velasco. Hell yes!

Also, we're very excited to tell everyone that on August 25th, Muralismo will be playing the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco with some really stellar bands! It's going to be a special day for us, so if you have friends in the bay area, you should tell them to come on out!

Okay, that's all for now. Much love

-Ineskeensvelvhat trainer of dolphin.

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