A wonderful, stupendous, fantabulous, inspiring birthday to that grand-daddy of Dads of the Moms and Dads. We love you mucho. To celebrate, I went through my iphoto and found some old pictures of you and me partying together. Remember that time you learned to do the splits? And then that time you almost singed off my eyebrows? Both good birthdays... Oh, and then there was the time you climbed out on that twig-limb just so I could get a great shot of your big round eyes.

Always good value!

What a pleasure it has been to know you all these years! I cannot tell you how much I have learned from playing music with you, and I look forward to many more years of you spitting cake in my face. Especially if it's Crushcakes. You always have been, and continue to be an inspiration to me.

Happy Gomar Fest. Sorry I'll be missing it, but hopefully these old photos of us will keep me there in spirit.

- i.

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