I feel as if I have only now begun swimming in a boundless ocean, one that was just a small pond not too long ago. In the comfortable bath of my existence, I thought I had mastered the art of staying afloat. Although, in such shallow waters, this was no hard feat. There simply wasn’t enough room for the natural swells to surge and challenge my ability to ride them; so I closed my eyes and just lay there with my back against the glassy surface.

Presently, I am face to face with a deeper sea, vastly beyond my experience. With my eyes wide open, I am vigorously kicking to make great strides toward touching land – even if it means unknown territory and unfulfilled expression. In pursuit of surviving my own perfect storm, my heart inflates and grows bigger with fresh blood in order to maneuver and move through such waves of emotion. I strive to hear the soft whisper of intuition amongst the loud and quivering chatter of doubt and fear, hoping the inherent wisdom that was once lost is soon-to-be found and rained down over me.

Still treading water, a smile sinks onto my face and I am truly humbled by my great efforts, at one time, to control this magnificent chaos.


  1. Whoa... You knocked my socks off... And now, my feet comfortably breathing :)