Easels and Ezra

I have a thing for fish, can't stop drawing them and painting them. :) I made that little sculpture fish to pose so that I can paint him like crazy with reference instead of trying to find good fish photos in books and online. I think I might make a whole school of colorful sparkly fish and hang them from my ceiling so it looks like they're swimming through my house. This is the first, his name is Ezra, and I love him. I hope you like him too.

Also, as you can see with the cracked up self portraits, my ribs gave me some grief this month. Can't lay out art projects on the floor so much anymore, so I went ahead and bought myself a real deal no-shit portable easel so I can sit or stand while I'm working and look out the window! Isn't it lovely!?

Fifth photo down is "Oso drops the Golden Ball and the briar rises from the water." It's an illustration for the ultimate moment of conflict in my story where sleeping beauty and the frog prince come together. :) Pastel on matte board has become a new favorite of mine.

Gearing up, paying discmakers, rehearsing with the group, writing new tunes, making a website, gonna be good shit. Lining up shows and picking the best one for a CD release.

Thinking of you friends and hoping you are well. I'm grateful for you all. (and did I mention I'm exceedingly proud of you fuckers as well? I didn't? Well shit, I am.)

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