I just back from a mama’s birth to twins at home. Although maybe I should say I got back from half of the birth because I only got there in time to see the second one born. Her contractions started at 12:10 am and baby A (later named Evelyn Grace) was born at 1:35 am and baby B (who became Thomas Maxwell) at 1:42 am. And they were perfect.

As both of them laid on her tummy and at her breasts they wriggled in their raw pink skin, whilst looking upon each other so familiarly and already aggressively suckling at the source of all the finest nectars. Ha ha :)

It was fast, intense, and if the mother’s face didn’t show it, her body did. She laid on the ground uncontrollably shaking and quivering as her body recovered from an act she could not completely fathom herself. It simply took over.

This was an exceptional experience. One that I am quite honored to have been apart of, as a 35-year-old woman who is now considered AMA (advanced maternal age) bearing twins would have been classified as high-risk and an automatic scheduled cesarean. Most physicians these days are unfortunately not trained for births like this anymore and simply perform surgeries out of fear, ego, and inconvenience.

However, this instinctual mama was followed by truly one of the most brilliant, caring, and trusting team of a doctor and a midwife present to support her in this seamless and dreamy birth.

I am elated and in love.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Amazing. These experiences must be out of this world Hayley! Congrats on the successful birth.