1-4 of 12 For Hayley

Okay Hay Bales, my champion runner, you! Here are four paintings. Out of these four I think only two are really qualifiable as options, but for fun I'm just showing you all of what I'm doing. So far my favorites are the colored pencil gal sitting, and then the four pregger gals standing in water at the bottom there. (aka the bottom two.)

The one at the bottom- It is colored pencil and acrylic paint on gray matte board- very sleek, and these colors aren't altered at all. I took several pictures of it at different angles. This one was the most detailed for showing you the figures, but the matte is very large, which allows me to take a "business-card-shaped" picture of them at any angle. When I send you the final choices, I'll send you a couple versions of this. :) Also, I painted more water beneath them, which isn't shown here.

Thanks for getting me doing this, it's really working my creative muscle and forcing me to try some new things!

Also, congrats on your marathon. I'm proud of you and Gopal for running even though you were all alone on the beach. Losers. HAHAHA. So good. I miss you guys.

Okay, that's all.

- i.


  1. I absolutely love them all, but that last one is IT!
    Inés, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I will be so proud to show her off. :)

  2. And when I said, "her", I meant the girls. You know...

  3. Okay, I like the second one as well - of the colorful mamas close up. I think that may have to be the back of the business card, and then the other side with my info could be the last one. What do you think?