Clarks: Rugged and Retro


Who's interested in a size 9 pair of brown, leather Clarks "Brattle" boots. Not only will these bad boys enhance your groovy style, but reduce foot fatigue as the Ortholite footbed conforms to the natural shape of your foot and absorbs shock! They also make you fly.

My mom got them for Chuck back in December and he simply thought they were "gay", so she wanted to give them to one of you guys.

Let me know if you like and I will hold onto them for you.


  1. Not too gay for me! : ) You sure about this?

  2. They're yours, my friend!

  3. Lovely. Well, if you're around and inclined, Dampgrounds is playing this Thursday at Soho with Dengue Fever. You should come. Honestly, it ain't nearly as much fun without chu.

    And, thank you, dearly. My current kicks are getting seriously floppy.

  4. I'm siding with CHucksters on this one...but that's ok, LionShamer, you're manly enough already.