Where'd Winter Go?

So life up here is getting pretty exciting. I'm playing all the time, and we're starting to gather some serious fans up here. We've decided we're what you'd call "Electric Folk." What's more, I had the gitty pleasure of having someone come up to me at our last gig in SF and say, "You're the pianist of Mark David Ashworth? I've been hearing about you all over!" I wanted to cry, it was so nice. You know me, emotional Everhart over here. Some of these photos are from that gig at Viracocha. It's an art gallery that has a wine cellar downstairs where they feature music. The sound guy is great- looks just like the Dude.

Also, Spring showed up early! I'm just plain ecstatic about it! I've been planting flowers all over my balcony, and the air in my place is now rank with the fragrance of hyacinth. The community neighborhood garden is also in bloom, and I think I may spend some time next week digging around there and adding a few of my own flowers.

The gearing up for my Canada trip has begun... My mind is all over the place these days, and I just can't wait to be planted in Joby's studio with nothing and no one on my mind except Idea. I joined another group up here that's sort of a melancholy rock group... I actually think I may have bitten off more than I could chew with this one, because while it's fun, I'm finding i have little to no time for it right now, but cum si cum sa. I'll figure it out.

And of course I always find time for the weekly game night. Uno, Cranium, Catch Phrase, Scrabble, Thin Ice, jenga, Mancala... You name it. It's my vice.

I miss you guys a ton. Your smiling faces follow me everywhere in this awesome city, and as I smell summer around the corner I get inundating reminiscences of our crazy good times. I hope you guys are all well and enjoying life. Miss you all and love you immensely with my tiny little heart.

- ineskeensvelvhat, trainer of dolphin.

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